Some of our valued customers include:
To Loblaws Distribution (formerly National Grocers), serving millions of consumers across Canada, bananas are big business. So big in fact, the receiving, storage and proper ripening is not left to chance. When new banana ripening rooms were being considered for their Mississauga refrigerated distribution facility, representatives from Environmental Air Systems, KeepRite Refrigeration and Loblaws formed a design team to evaluate and select the best technology for the job. Their search led them to the United Kingdom where a new concept in banana room design was being introduced by Multiplex Ripening Systems. Environmental Air Systems was involved early in the project to consult with Loblaws on the design and installation. We provide the on-going maintenance required to keep the rooms operating.

"We have been involved in banana room operation and maintenance for over 8 years at Loblaws. That hands on experience was important to the design team" states Bill Premo of Environmental Air Systems.

"Bill Premo was a valuable member of the project team and continues to deliver excellent value to the on-going operation of the banana rooms and other systems here at Loblaws. The team at Environmental Air played a critical role in a very successful project," states the quality control specialist for the banana room operation. -Mississauga, Ontario

TD CANADA TRUST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GROUP preventive maintenance contracts with TD Canada Trust's Property Management Group include retail bank branches across Ontario. Our services included guaranteed response time, HVAC systems maintenance program and seasonal start-up.

"Environmental Air Systems was able to design and deliver a preventive maintenance program tailored to meet our needs. The value of service and their response to the special needs of our retail Banking locations has been excellent."
B.R. TD Canada Trust, Ontario.

SLEEMAN BREWERIES in the Brewing industry, accurate temperature control in storage and during processing is critical to product quality. We work with on-site personnel to design, install and maintain refrigeration systems which help deliver the high quality beverages we have come to expect and enjoy from Sleeman Brewery.

"Our reputation in the marketplace is reflected in the products we produce, but it is also reflected in the systems we use to produce it. By delivering solutions for CFC reclamation and recycling in our refrigeration systems, Environmental Air Systems has helped us meet our corporate objectives for environmental responsibility."
B.S. Production Supervisor, Guleph, Ontario.

STACKPOLE Environmental Air Systems has installed and maintained Stackpole's heating and air conditioning systems, process air dryers, and related equipment for over 5 years. Much of our work has revolved around high capacity fresh air make-up systems for employee comfort, helping Stackpole meet demanding ASHRAE standards.

"At Stackpole, process chillers are critical to our operation. Without Environmental Air's preventative maintenance program and quick response, our manufacturing facilites would not have run as smoothly as they have."
B.H. Plant and Facilities Engineering Manager, Mississauga, Ontario

NORTHSTAR AEROSPACE, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of aerospace parts and systems. Formerly a division of Spar Aerospace, Northstar Aerospace played a critical role in the development of the Canada Arm used in the U.S. Space Shuttle.

"We are impressed with Environmental Air's response. We know the employees and can request the skills that best suit the problem at hand. Their flexibility in meeting our needs has been great." J.R. Plant Maintenance Manager, Milton, Ontario

IRWIN TOYS LTD. -Getting to know your customer is key to any business. Taking the time to understand Irwin Toys' needs was key to securing the HVAC installation and maintenance contract for their recent office renovation. With a good understanding of the customer, the project, and how the HVAC system would affect office space, we were able to propose a system that met their needs.

"We specified a system which we understood to be best for our situation. The team at Environmental Air took the time to understand the project before proposing a solution and delivered a better overall package."
J.G. Building Manager, Irwin Toys Limited, Toronto, Ontario

NORTHBUD -Distributes meats and deli products to grocery wholesalers throughout Ontario. Environmental Air's cooler and freezer box maintenance program is critical to product freshness, Northbud's operations and their long-term success.

"Our coolers and freezers are critical and Environmental Air is a valuable member of our maintenance team. We've received service which is second-to-none."
T.T. President, Mississauga, Ontario

JAMESWAY INCUBATORS -Jamesway Incubators is a world leader in the manufacture of chicken incubating systems. They are known throughout the world for the quality and reliability of there equipment. Environmental Air Systems has been providing service at both of the Jamesway plants in Cambridge Ontario for the past eight years.

"Jamesway Incubators competes in a very aggressive market place. We depend on our contractors to assist us in making our plant as efficient as possible. For the past eight years Environmental Air Systems has not only provided us with quick reliable service, they also continue to point out ways for us to save money in our heating and
air-conditioning costs." M.F. Maintenance Supervisor

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